Higher Education Institutions (national)

We have worked for different types of higher education institutions in Germany, including 3 Universities of Applied Sciences, 5 University Hospitals, 8 Technical Universities and 43 Research Universities.


Higher Education Institutions (international)

Our customers among higher education institutions abroad to date encompass 9 universities in Austria, Italy, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and the United States.



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Non-university Research Funding and Research Performing Institutions (national and international)

Until now, we have provided services to 22 non-university research funding and research performing institutions in Germany, 3 German institutions based in Italy, Japan and Poland, as well as

7 institutions abroad located in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Sweden and the United States.


Science Policy Institutions (national and international)

We have to date provided science policy advice and consulting services to 5 domestic science policy institutions, 3 institutions internationally located in Belgium, Ireland and the United States as well as 6 supranational institutions or international organisations based in Belgium or France, including the European Commission and the OECD.

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